Mental Health

We are very happy to now support our clients mental health with the support of our very own licensed psychotherapist. Clients will now be able to come into our Academy and request to work 1:1 with our in house Therapist Pippa, in a safe, personalized and supportive manner. Pippa specializes in  anxiety, depression, trauma, stress and bereavement, as well as extensively with disordered eating and body dysmorphia. 

Therapy Session


Our mission is to work in a client centered  fashion with new clients to give them the support they need to move closer to their desired result. 

Pippa brings with her a wealth of experience working in a multitude of areas, helping men and women from all different backgrounds in their personal and professional lives.  


The vision for The Accountability Academy Mental Health Services is to provide a safe, private and inclusive environment for it's members to get the help and support they need. 

Working with both males and females to give them a space where they feel they can open up and get access to services that potentially they couldn't get before. 

Psychology Patient