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Accountability 90 is our 90 day core academy. Accountability 90 gives us the opportunity to take a really deep dive into your health & fitness goals. Working together 1:1 we will talk you through everything you need to succeed in your health and fitness journey. Whether, you are striving to gain more self esteem or self confidence, or whether you are working with us to become a healthier and fitter version of yourself. Our 90 day program gives you all the tools you need to succeed. From 1:1 weekly strategy calls, community group zoom Q&A's,  you have access to our app that allows us to set you weekly workouts, nutrition targets, accountability & habit challenges designed to create massive sustainable results over a 90 day period. 


Accountability 90

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Heidi, Student

I came to Dan to help me progress in my fitness journey and reach my goals in a more effective way. I have been working with Dan for just over a month now and I can already say that thanks to the academy, I have made immense advances towards my goals. A big factor in my improvement so far is that I have a personalised program that couldn’t be any easier to follow! When I got started, Dan set me up with my program specific to my targets and gave me a walkthrough on how to use the app where everything I need is located. The app is streamline and it gives great, clear visuals of the progress made through things such as graphs and habit trackers. I have loved working with Dan and the Academy so far and cannot wait to see what the future holds with them! 

Katharine , office worker

I'm so happy with the progress I've made on the Accountability Academy 90 day plan. I am fitter and feel more energized than a I have for a long time.


I feel empowered to take control of my fitness journey going forward. The Accountability on this plan really helped me to stay focussed and achieve results I've never managed to achieve before. 

I'm running faster, my endurance and strength have increased and I've had great weight loss results too.