How do I get started? 

Contact Dan or a member of his team at - From there you will be talked through the different membership possibilities we have, and then we can schedule our discovery call where we learn about you and how we can work together to build you the life you want to live. 

Or for sense of ease click this link here to book your strategy call today.

What is the Accountability Academy?


The Accountability Academy is an all in one lifestyle academy. We offer 1:1 online personal training, 1:1 accountability coaching and coming soon is our holiday retreats. Dan built and designed the Accountability Academy to help people achieve their desired results in their lives and to become the person they want to be. The Accountability Academy focuses on holistic methods founded on the back of science proven methods. Health & fitness is a big part of what we do but not all that we do. From our 1:1 Online Personal Training programs, and our 1:1 accountability coaching programs, accountability is at the core of what we do. Giving you the keys to take back control if your life. 

Is there a contract?

Our programs run on a month by month basis. We typically like to work with clients for 3 months, but if you feel that it is not the correct fit then we aren't going to hold you hostage. 


For our more premium products such as The Accountability Academy Mastermind transformation these are contract based programs and are either paid in full up front or run month by month billing service. .

Can I try the Accountability Academy for free before committing to it?

No.  Every one of our members has a highly specialized relationship with Dan and his team of advisors. Dan has to pay his team and therefore the Academy doesn't offer a free trial.

Dan and his team are convinced that you’ll find The Academy so effective, that you will notice a new sense of self confidence, results, motivation and positive habits that set you on a new direction to who you want to be.

Is The Accountability Academy 100% Private, Confidential, and Secure?

Yes, all your interactions with Dan and his team of advisors are 100% confidential. Your information is never shared outside of The Accountability Academy. Dan works with start-up founders, Entrepreneurs and clients from many different fields so it is vital that there is an understood client confidentiality agreement. The system does not work if there is no trust. There needs to be a two-way channel of trust and understanding to allow for maximum results. 

For the 1;1 Accountability coaching do I need to have a business to sign up?

To answer in short, no. The Accountability Academy Coaching is not specifically for business owners and or entrepreneurs. You can use Dan and the Accountability Academy to help in many different areas of life. As long as you have ambition and strategic vision for where you want to go and what you want to work on, The Academy is built to serve. The purpose of the Academy is to get you to live your potential, whether this is from a health and fitness perspective, lifestyle perspective or from a business perspective. Dan has an experienced team of advisors in multiple different professions, Dan is here to give you the kick up the ass to ensure you follow through with what you actually want to achieve. 

Is this right for me if I have been binge dieting for years and haven't made progress?

That was Dan two years ago. It's not spoken about enough, but many people in their life go through periods of uncertainty and go in circles trying to find the methodologies that work for them. It is absolutely perfect for you to come with a lack of sense of direction, Dan and his team of fitness professionals will tailor workouts, nutrition guides and give you the Accountability to smash your goals. 


Dan will walk you through everything on your discovery call, you will establish priorities, habits, a vision for what you want, you'll then get a framework for what you need to do to get to where you need to be.