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How The Accountability academy works

Step 1

Get in contact with Dan and the team. 

- Using the Calendly booking service on this website you can book your call with Dan and the team. 

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Step 2

After scheduling your FaceTime/ Zoom/  Skype/Phone call with Dan. 

You and Dan will talk to learn all about you. Together you will talk through if The Accountability Academy will be a positive fit for you and what your goals are.


Dan will never work with people that he doesn't think he can help, or if he believes you may be better suited for clinical therapy or psychological support, then Dan will refer you to one of his partners for support. 

On a Video Call

Step 3

Congratulations! You successfully signed up to The Accountability Academy.


This is the exciting bit, this is where change happens!

After signing up you will be sent an introductory email with two documents for you to fill in. 

One is a personality psychometric  questionnaire and the other is a personalized evaluation questionnaire from Dan. 

We need you to fill these questionnaires in with much as detail as possible so that Dan and his team can be best prepared for your Discovery call. 

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Step 4

Discovery Call 

You and Dan will sit over Zoom for an hour and talk through everything that you need to work on, what you need help with and talk through the documents that you submitted.


In this call Dan will learn everything about you that makes you tick. This is a completely 100% personalized service, and will be unique to you. It is really important that Dan learns as much about you as possible, so he can provide the best possible resources that allow you to achieve your desired results. 

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Step 5

Building the framework.

Dan will go away and partner with his advisors and build you a framework for success. 

This could be a daily check in sheet, it could be weekly goals, it could be monthly goals. 

It could be daily / weekly check-ins to be sure you are staying Accountable to the goals you want to hit.

This will all be dependent on your first meeting with Dan and the outcomes from that Discovery call. 

Depending on the Plan that you receive you will have a set criteria of goals that you will need to go away and achieve. 

Dan will be in frequent contact ensuring that you are on track, and talking you through any obstacles that you hit. 


Support Group

Step 6

Each client that Dan works with will have a specific goal-oriented plan that the client needs to go away and complete. 


These goals are directly correlated to the outcomes that each client wants. As the weeks go by and the positive habits start to stack up, clients will experience a euphoria in realizing that they are moving closer to their desired result. 

Dans responsibility is to follow up and ensure that each client is on track and continuing to perform the correct habits that will cause results. 

Depending on the plan you are on, you will have weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly evaluation check ins with Dan to ensure that you are moving forward and benefiting from the service. 

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Step 7

At the end of the month, Dan will hold an evaluation session with each client to ensure that they have achieved their desired goals. 

Depending on the length of the program selected, each client may have different timelines for their goals.

Dan will be in constant contact ensuring that clients have found that their plans are successful and causing positive change. 

Due to the wide variety of people that Dan works with, clients goals and results will change dependent on the results that each individual wants.


Clients will be asked but  

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