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Welcome to Chapter 17 of Dan Bennett - The Diary of a Bored Kid!

Hello guys, welcome back!

So... Since I've been home and Caitlin has been over in the UK, I have had a little downtime to read, hangout and work on some of my projects for the upcoming year. I was reading back through a bunch of last year's blogs, seeing how my writing had changed and how my overall message had changed since the outset of me documenting my travels had started. I'm quite happy to say that the general gist has stayed the same, but I have been able to incorporate some really interesting lessons I have learned whilst I was traveling around America and from the books I have been reading as I go.

The way I see it, if I read or learn something along the way that I feel is a great message, it's my duty to share it. It's the same when my mates text me or call me and say "Bennett, you need to read XYZ..." If they think it was good enough for them, and they learnt something from it, who am I to turn down reading it?

The only issue being that my reading list is now getting so long, I really need to start picking up the pace. I currently have shelves full of books that I need to get through.

As a means of sharing everything, I'll have to start sharing my reading list and introduce some book reviews on certain books that have been brilliant!

Amongst the downtime, whilst I've been home, I have been thinking how extremely common it is for many 20-somethings to go through that time in their life, when there is that moment, where you stop to try and figure out the direction in which your life is going.

Where as before, there had always been a straight forward and easy direction, it is in your 20's where I feel it is most common, to stop and question where you are going and what you want to do and achieve.

My Mum had very similar experiences in her 20's where she travelled the world, and went through, what I imagine to be quite a transition of finding out who she wanted to be.

We often joke, that she was the dread locked haired hippy, with a dolphin tattoo and nose ring, traveling the world in support of green-peace.

Quite the contrast, from the business woman that she is today.

Looking back, I wish when my Mum travelled all those years ago, I wish she had kept a blog / journal, and had documented her journey. She's a massive inspiration, and with the direction my life is going she's often the first to give me tips and destination recommendations of where we should go next. She's backpacked around the world twice, read countless books, and got some amazing stories.

Imagine.. Reading back through those stories today? Traveling to hostels all around the world, meeting foreigners, different cultures. All whilst having no means of communication with back home.

Imagine, traveling to Australia, Fiji, Hawaii and all around America, and the only way you can communicate with back home is via post card?

A real-life in the moment, journal, detailing the perspectives and people she met along the way. The stories she would have, would be insane, and to be able to look back at those in 2021, knowing what we know now, with the technology we have at our disposal, I think they would be NY Times Best Seller worthy.

I'm really excited that whenever normality returns and the next stage of my travel journey starts, that I'll be able to share even better messages and some even cooler travel stories. The game plan, which is obviously flexible depending the state of the world, is still to attempt South-East Asia, Hawaii, and some specific places in South-America.. This is obviously very dependent on the state of world affairs.

I hope to have my trusty side kick with me, as she is an absolute wizz on the camera and I believe her photography skills, and her ability to document really special moments, will create something really cool!

That.. and the fact I need someone to accompany me at cute coffee shops and amazing restaurants and food hangouts.

In 2021, I'm also hoping my reading will be amplified. Caitlin has bought me a Amazon Fire (Kindle thing) for Christmas, that will allow me to travel with 100's of books at my disposal, much different to Mum who 30 years ago with a backpack would have crammed between 5-10 books into every nuck and cranny she could find.

I guess I need to get reading!

So onto todays topic..

It's been nearly 7 years since I have lived in the U.K.

When I left 7 years ago, it was just the 3 of us.

We lived in a 3 bed semi detached, on the edge of Birmingham.

It was just me, my Mum and my sister. And we had my Nan and grandad 15 minutes down the road.

House and Car break-ins weren't an unexpected occurrence. There were some rough times, where we had bikes and computers stolen. Cars broken into, and I'm sure we had the odd car nicked off the drive.

But knowing what I know now, I look back on that time with such fond memories as it was just the 3 of us vs the world and I loved it.

I was playing a lot of football and keeping up with school, Jess had all her own stuff with her school friends, and Mum was grinding day in day out working her way up the business, to now sit on the Board of Directors, .

Those were the Knipes days.

Nan and Grandad would always chip in with rides to and from football, and we'd have dinners over there maybe once a week, where Nan would burn all the vegetables, and the meat would come out as if it had been in the incinerator...

...Medium rare isn't a thing in my Nans house... (she's going to kill me when she reads this.)

Things have changed a little since the Knipes days. (Knipersley) was the name of our old street, we lived there for around 15 years... Mum has met someone, Jess has met someone. We've moved into the countryside. It's completely different. Good different. But different.

I feel like now, there is much more stability. Whereas before Mum was juggling 15 different balls, and doing a bloody amazing job doing it, she now has support. And together her and Richard are really building something special.

So to be able to come back, and be part of what they're building is really nice.

To come back, and join in with everyone in their day to day lives is really fun, and not something I am used to.

It's interesting when you leave somewhere for so long, for some reason you think things would remain stuck in time, but when you come back everyone has changed, places have changed and everyone has moved on with their lives.

When coming back and looking around me, I feel like a lot of what I want to build has been subconsciously designed from the life I had growing up and the environments I have lived in my whole life.

I created the Podcast, the Blog and am building The Accountability Academy, specifically because I wanted to help people to realize that if you are in a toxic environment, or want change in your life, I want to give people the confidence in knowing that change is out there, and they have the full potential to build and design whatever life they want for themself.

I look at Mum and Richard and how far they have come within the past few years, and honestly it feels like they are two completely different people from who they were all those years ago. It's really cool to watch them working together to build something really special for themselves and their family.

Relating this back to the blog and podcast, it is so completely different from my norm, but change has to start somewhere...

Not going to lie to you, I've done a lot of scary shit in my life, sky dived, lived in multiple cities not knowing anyone, travelled all over the place, been skint, played sport in front of a bunch of people, spoken on stage in front of auditoriums...

But when starting to build this whole thing... I was bricking it. Like.. proper nervous about posting anything and putting myself out there.

What if people don't like it?

What if I have made mistakes and my quotes and facts aren't accurate?

What if it flops and no one reads and watches anything?

What if a bunch of people leave negative reviews and make me look like a twat?

What if I waste all my time and energy and no one reads it but me and Caitlin?

But within all the imposter syndrome and self doubt I heard this absolute banger the other day and I am going to relate it back to Mum and Richard.

My Mum when she travelled all over the world.

Richard when he started his own property business.

"The Treasure ALWAYS lies in the unknown."

How do you ever know what's on the other side of the wall, if you don't try and climb it?

Self doubt is always going to be present, it's all just about silencing that f***** and marching on with what you want to do.

Being paralyzed by self doubt is a sure fire way to never start, to wake up in 10 years in the same spot you're in now and to not attempt the things you want to do!

It's what I tell my clients day in and day out. Self doubt isn't going anywhere, it's about training to move through the unknown and to try and find the treasure on the other side.

My Mum wouldn't be where she is today, without the trials and tribulations of travel and her career, Richard wouldn't be where he is today without taking the jump.

And you, the reader may not be where you want to be, without starting what you know you need to start...

So to wrap up my second blog of the 2021... 2 down.. 50 more to go.

I hope you all attempt the unknown. Worst happens, you'll just be back where you started!

Onwards and upwards!

As always thank you for reading!


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