Complacency Kills

Updated: May 13, 2021

Welcome to Chapter 33 of Dan Bennett - The Diary of a Bored Kid!

Welcome back guys!

I hope everyone has had a great week, welcome back to ze weekly blog!

I've been watching a lot of Joe Rogan on the regular recently, what can I say I'm a typical millennial... I've started a podcast, started a blog, I have a coffee addiction, I train Jiu Jitsu, and to top it off, I love a good quote...

This weeks quote is as such:

"Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times."

So today's topic to start the week off, is loosely surrounded by this quote.

Have you ever worked your absolute bollocks off for something, and achieved it, and been so proud of your achievement, so proud of what you had accomplished, but shortly after the success, you realize that the success has started to slowed down?

You aren't getting the same results that you used to get?

In sales you may not be getting as many leads? In sports your performance may have dropped slightly.

You start to realize you aren't doing the things that were creating success in the first place?

Somewhere in the middle of the process, once the original feat had been accomplished, you slowly started to subconsciously take your foot off the pedal?

Before you know it, you've created a narrative in your head that you no longer need to do the things that got you to the dance in the first place?

We see this a lot in dieters, it is very common, they lose the initial, 10-15-20lbs, and then assume they have this whole dieting thing sorted, so then revert back to their old habits without realizing it.

Before they know it, they are back to square one.

Does this sound familiar?

Pscyologists call this the "egocentric bias" - the tendency to rely too heavily on one's own perspective and/or have a higher opinion of oneself than reality. It appears to be the result of the psychological need to satisfy one's ego and to be advantageous for memory consolidation.

I'll be 100% honest and say I have definitely experienced this. In my football career, in my business career, there have been small micro levels of success that I have achieved, that have backfired and gone against me, because the success went to my head.

Once the success went to my head, I started taking my foot off the accelerator.

The problem with the ego bias, and why it can cripple so many people is that, I think it creates an air of complacency. You subconsciously take the foot off the pedal, you don't do the things that you know you should be doing, you don't do the extra sales call, the extra email, you don't track your calories as much as you should do, you don't do the extra workout, or the extra steps that were needed to make progress in the first place.

Honestly, I believe this is one of the big reasons why generational athletes like the Ronaldo's, Messi's, Jordan, Lebrons and Woods of the world are so impressive...

Their inability to be complacent, is one of the biggest factors for their continued success.

The constant drive for self improvement gives them the constant advantage to keep getting better, year on year. Without any complacency seeping in.

The last dance with Michael Jordan proved that. Yes he might have won games, played golf and gone gambling with his friends, but at no point ever did Michael Jordans competitive nature ever dwindle, ever.

So much so, that whilst on the set for Space Jam, Michael Jordan was playing pick up basketball with NBA legends to get him ready for the season.

In the case of Michael Jordan I am sure it's pretty easy when you are worth $1,000,000,000 to choose to take a day off... but nope, not for Michael.

To the readers of the blog who are familiar with the American sporting system, I am sure you will stand testament to how many stud athletes come out of the NFL draft, or NBA draft to only be 1 or 2 season wonders.

Thus proving the point.. Complacency kills.

Boxing legend Marvin Hagler famously said; "it's tough to get out of bed to do roadwork at 5am when your waking up in silk pajamas."

It is why I am predicting Dustin Poirier to beat Conor Mcgregor in their 3rd fight at UFC 264. I don't see the Conor of old, the Conor who smashed Aldo and Alvares. Instead, I see complacent Conor with silk boxers, living it up in Dubai, eating 5* meals with his wife and family.

Nothing wrong with that, it is well earned. But one would assume, the narrative points to complacency setting in.

The point of this blog wasn't to rant on and on about sports stars all around the world, and how good or bad they are at being disciplined. Instead, what I wanted to share with this blog, was that the egocentric bias affects all of us.

Small business owners, gym goers, fitness fanatics, serial dieters, CEO's, entrepreneurs, athletes. Everyone. The point of this blog is to point the finger at you (and me) and ask ourselves the question, have you let complacency slip in lately?

I know I have.

Are you doing the things that got you to the dance recently?

It is easy once you are there, to take your foot off and forget what you got you there in the first place.

"Complacency is a sword of two edges. One edge kills hard earned successes, while the other end stops future glories. Complacency is a murderer and a barrier."

Stop and have a think if you have been staying accountable to doing the things that you know you should be doing recently...

As always thank you for reading.

- DB

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