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Welcome to Chapter 18 of Dan Bennett - The Diary of a Bored Kid!

Hello guys and welcome back to another blog post from yours truly.

I gave myself the goal this year of writing a weekly blog, talking through my travels, the journey of starting my own business, and just talking through some of the lessons I'm learning week in and week out.

I know in the 21st century that there are probably more fashionable and modern ways to document a lifestyle journey blog, however I quite like the authenticity of writing and it allows me to work on my writing skills for the time when Harper Collins come knocking on my door for that book deal ;)

Whether or not anyone ever reads the blog, either way, I think it will be cool to look back when all is said and done, and see how it has all transpired. For those who do decide to jump in and read week in and week out, I do believe that the lessons will be universal and will be beneficial for many people who find themself on the same journey.

So today I want to talk about two things that I think are massive when you are making your way through life and navigating your way through all the BS, to ultimately end up where you want to be.

1. Mentorship


2. Anxiety / Imposter Syndrome

I have mentioned about this in my podcast in the past and I'm sure I've talked about it before in some of my previous blog posts..

I am a huge proponent of finding mentorship in whatever line of work you go in, even just in life. No matter how high you go, no matter how high you climb the ladder of life, there is always going to be somebody who has better experience than you in something you are interested in. I can guarantee that the Warren Buffets of the world, despite being at the peak of their game, will have mentors or peers who they share ideas, frustrations and advice with.

I think it is crucial for development to have someone who is where you want to be, and someone who you can trust to relay your internal fears and mental barriers off.

I'm very fortunate that I have a few mentors in my life, one of which being my step-dad.

He's good to rebound ideas off and this weekend was no different.

Every weekend we go on our Countryside walk - typically we do an 8 mile stretch, phone use is severely limited (Except when the girls are taking pics and vids of the horses and donkeys) but in that 8 mile stretch, you walk and talk, and over the course of the 2 hour walk you have usually spoken out all your problems, frustrations, worries, and what you come to learn is that most of them are internally fabricated.

Today I was talking about imposter syndrome and the self doubt I get from my writing and documenting.

"I feel like a knob, who cares, should I be posting to Linked In, should I be keeping it specifically to FB and Insta etc etc etc"

Insecurities kill everyone, and it's not something that ever seems to go away, I feel like it is an all encompassing battle that you have to manage in whatever line of work you choose to do that's outside of your current comfort zone.

James Smith, Sunday Times Best Selling Author and online business owner, says it best; "I'm waiting for the man with the clipboard to come and tell everyone that I'm a fake and take everything away from me."

Davy Price, Real Estate Developer and Entrepreneur - "Each new deal I go into, brings a new set of anxiety."

Davy explains in his podcast with Gym Shark Co-Founder Lewis Morgan, that during the initial process of starting his real estate company that whilst in the process of finalizing his first property deal, he suffered with severe anxiety and panic attacks, to the point where he thought something was genuinely wrong with him.

If you were to look at Davy Price now, you couldn't ever imagine how someone with such expertise and financial acumen in property development, would ever suffer with anxiety or panic attacks. I find it refreshing to know that someone who is on track to now have over 19 million pound of GDV in real estate would suffer with anxiety when getting started, which goes to show that the self doubt, anxiety and the incumbent imposter syndrome could all just be another part of the process when starting something from scratch.

It is easy when everyone is clapping and cheering your name to march on with what you are working on, but it is much harder when you are working in a quiet room with a small audience.

Richard summed it up best; History and society is designed and paved by those who kept going when they were starting off their process.

Self doubt isn't going anywhere. You are likely going to question what you are working on, if you are going in the right direction or if what you are working on could be altered in any way.

You just have to crack on, get your head down and keep persevering through the moments of self doubt.

I think looking back in 20+ years, it will be fascinating to see how the self doubt could completely define where you end up. If you let the self doubt define you, you could be spiraled onto two very different paths.

What I have come to learn is that self doubt, as does motivation, comes in waves. Through the peaks of motivation, there will be the troughs and the lows of self doubt.

The key is to have enough confidence in the vision you are working towards.

Self doubt will be there the bigger or more in-depth you go with any certain task or activity. You have to learn to teach yourself how to navigate and surf your way through the waves.

Surrounding yourself with people who believe in what you are doing is key. Having enough self awareness to know when something can / can't work is key and finally, having the naivety to start, and the stubbornness to finish is vital.

To wrap up todays post, for those who are starting out or are thinking about starting something you are passionate about; I'm here to tell you the Self Doubt doesn't go away, but that's no reason not to start. If anything it is the best reason to start. To say you conquered one fear at a time, one wave of self doubt at a time. Despite your fears, you got to the other side of where you wanted to go and lived to tell the tale... pretty amazing in my opinion.

As always guys thank you for reading!


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