El Dia Del Madre

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Welcome to Chapter 26 of Dan Bennett - The Diary of a Bored Kid!

Good evening folks,

Welcome back to the weekly blog. For those that don't know today is Mothers Day in the U.K, so we've had a family day celebrating one of the best to ever do it.

But before I start... 2 things.

1) Look at the absolute state of those pork chops on my cheeks. I was a FAT baby. I look like the Michelin man and Peter Kay had offspring.

2) Despite our family going to and from Spain for the best part of 20 years, none of us speak a word of Spanish. Therefore, we spent 15 minutes today attempting to work out what Mothers Day would be in Spanish, thus todays title. We are still unsure if we are correct - El Dia del Madre. I quite like it and think it has a ring to it.

So what have I learned this week?

Sometimes taking your foot off the gas is much needed and just sitting having a cup of tea on the couch with your family watching Master Chef is good for the soul.

I am renowned for being go, go, go. I said this on my weekly emails this week, I've had the realization that I must be a nightmare to date because I always need to be busy doing something.

No matter what it is, I need to be busy, typing away on my laptop, social media, emails or plotting some elaborate business plan in my head. There is a very fit, and I mean very fit hamster on a treadmill running in my brain. There must be, because I never shut off. So sometimes giving the poor little guy a break is needed.

It's hard though.

My original plan with this blog was for it to be a travel blog; walking and talking through the far off destinations I would travel to. Covid-19 quickly shut that down, and instead, it has just became my own very little weekly journal where I can recount my thoughts and recount how the previous week has been.

This week has definitely been one for taking the foot off the pace a little, I was pushing a bunch of late evenings recently and recreating an environment that I had tried very hard to rebel against.

This week I learned that doing less is sometimes more. God. How cheesy does that sound?

I sometimes think what will future me think when reading back on these blog posts, and though I am sure he is going to cringe at a lot of the stuff I've written, I think he'll agree with me on this one, that; sometimes less is more.

I was burning myself out again and getting stressed about things I didn't need to be stressed about.

There are some words of wisdom for you from a 26 "wantrepreneur / solopreneur" whatever you want to call me. Less is sometimes more. Focus on the important things. Make sure they get done. Once they are done, make sure you schedule some time to have a cup of tea with your Mum in front of the TV.

In other news, the other member of The Accountability Academy team returned back to the U.K yesterday. Poor sod had a terrible time doing it, and got landed with a couple of fines and a lost case trying to get back in. Unfortunately, I'm not quite there yet to give him it as a business expense. Soon enough though!

Having Jordan back on the same timezone is going to be a huge help, we are currently building out our introductory product that I am very confident is going to be a game changer in terms of the amount of value it will offer. So having him back is good and a big helping hand. He's focusing on the clients we do have, I can focus on building the back end and automations that will allow us to get the business off the ground.

God I feel like I sound like a broken record. I feel like this thing has been on and off the ground more times than I can count.

Only time will tell!

In keeping with the theme on Mothers Day, "Sometimes less is more." I have a strong held belief that although expensive gifts are often nice from a materialistic perspective, I'm often quite good at finding the cheap gifts that have a sentimental touch that can mean a lot to the receiver.

Today's sentimental gift alongside the usual flowers and card, was this:

At the house we grew up in, we had some tiles on one of our walls where Jess and I as kids had painted hands on two titles with our ages on them. Unfortunately during the move these were never taken and the new home owners unfortunately washed over them.

So we recreated it, with our newest sibling addition to the family!

Sometimes less is more.

The total value was like £8 with paints and everything. Best £8 I've ever spent. Mum's face was priceless, and although we don't know where that will get housed just yet, I'm sure it's going to be a part of the family for a while.

So to wrap up the weekly blog. Sometimes less is more. We still don't know Spanish. I'm still over here excitingly trying to get this new business off the ground, and Jordan is a grand down and doesn't have any boxers for the foreseeable.

Until next time on The Diary of a Bored Kid.

As always thank you for reading!


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