"Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional."

Welcome to Chapter 34 of Dan Bennett - The Diary of a Bored Kid!

Welcome back guys!

I'm not going to lie... It's been a fun weekend. We had a reunion and got the band back together.

I hadn't seen the boys in nearly 2-3 years, so we had a much needed catch up.

After University, we all went our separate directions and I hadn't seen them all at the same time for over 3 years.

I'll be honest, it was unreal seeing everyone, but it was a heavy one!

We drank more beers and more shots than I have done in years and I haven't laughed like that in god knows how long!

It's funny when seeing friends who you used to live with for over 4 years, and then not seeing them in over 2 years.

It's funny how little, people actually change.

We all have the same little personality traits, we're all just a few years older, with a few less hairs on our head...

We still ripped each other for the exact same little quirks that we did whilst at University. We still used the same shit jokes about poor hairlines, and being shit drinkers.

I think one of the main societal problems with the Covid pandemic was that it stopped people seeing their friends and family, and when that happens your brain can play really weird tricks on you.

You forget what it is even like to see your mates and just have a laugh!

So now that lockdown has been removed, it was great getting everyone together and getting out on the beers.

The goal was to have a few drinks on Friday night, and then play a round of golf on Saturday morning, before heading out for a pub crawl all around the local town near me..

Needless to say, the few drinks on Friday night turned into an absolute bender, and the round of golf on Saturday inevitably, in lack of a better term, was an absolute shit show.

We called it a day after hole 15, and retired early to go and get ready for the evening.

There is nothing quite like knowing it is going to be a long day on a golf course than when you miss the ball on the first tee...

One of those moments, where you don't want to turn around and look your mates in the eyes.

... They aren't mad, they are just disappointed in you..

It's funny despite now being a few years older than when we were at Uni, now we are supposedly supposed to be doing "grown up" things, it's funny how you can very quickly revert back to still acting like children.

There is nothing quite like having a 3am giggle session in your kitchen with your mates, listening to some throwback country tunes, playing card games, whilst your other mate is drawing a mustache and glasses on your other mate with a bold black sharpie, whilst he is passed out..

Yes, I know I am 26, and I am meant to have grown up.

But you know what? I found it funny.

To be honest, I found it hilarious.

I'm a firm believer in, what is the rush to grow up?

People are so serious all the time, wanting to rush their current life away, wanting to grow up, get mortgages, have babies, get married...

In a world where everyone is telling you to go and do adult things.

I'll be honest, I usually advocate to do the opposite.

Get a few of your mates around, sit in your kitchen playing card games, and just laugh at drawing a monobrow on your mate whilst he is passed out.

There is always plenty of time in the future to do the grown up stuff!

(To be honest it serves him right, he was a shocking drinker all weekend. A truly awful performance.)

The whole weekend just got me so excited for the return of some normality. There were people out having a good time, there was live music, the sun was shining, the whole thing gave me some hope, that at some point we'll wake up from all of this and we'll return to some form full on normality...

So to wrap the weekly blog up, I'm not telling you to neglect your responsibilities, I'm not telling you to act like a child forever, but what I am saying is that in an attempt to grow up and go and do adult things like the world wants you to, don't forget to make some time to see your mates, have a laugh, and never be too old to draw on your passed out mates face...

(It never gets old...)

As always thank you for reading.

- DB

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