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So I've been diving into a new book recently from Steven Bartlett - Happy Sexy Millionaire , the book is great and details Stevens journey from being "a black, broke, Uni dropout" to the founder and CEO of Social Chain, one of the worlds largest social and digital media marketing agencies.

I specifically wanted to talk today about a passage from the book that has sent lightbulbs spinning in my head, and this idea is that you have something called "invisible PR" following you around at all times.

Invisible PR is something that will subconsciously plant in everyone else's mind when they think and talk about you. The actions you take, your conversations, the vibe you are giving off, everything that is said and comes with you, is something called "invisible PR." Invisible PR, is the thing that without you even knowing it, goes into your next promotion, signing your next customer, growing your business. It is the vibe you are giving off to the world, so that when they think of you, when you aren't in the room, what does that vibe say about you?

Are they saying good things or are they saying bad things?

It is an interesting conundrum, because what I have come to learn is that as you go through life, you aren't just 1 person.

You are a series of different people.

Freshman year me, was extremely different than Senior year me.

First year in the corporate world Dan, is very different to me now writing this blog, whilst I build my own business.

You are never just one person, instead you are a series of different people.

To be honest, it is why I am not a huge fan of cancel culture. You can be completely reprimanded for something you said 15 years ago in humor, today 15 years later. Well 15 years ago you were a different person. You were around different people, different environments and had completely different thought beliefs than you do now as you have grown up.

I look back on me as a teenager where I thought I had it all figured out, and I look back and think I was a chimp.

I literally was a hairless chimp. In more ways than one. (I was a late bloomer with the whole puberty thing.)

The passage in the book has blown my mind because I don't think you should go through life caring about what everyone else thinks, that's an easy way to become anxious and insecure by caring what everyone else thinks. I wouldn't be anywhere, if I had listened to everyones advice over the years. Ultimately, you have to do you and correct the course along the way, but what this passage does make us think is; What is our invisible PR saying about us? What is the vibe we are giving off to the outside world, and is that in line with who and what we want to be?

I can put my hands up in the air and say that; not every room I will be spoken about in will be good. I have made dumb mistakes, cut relationships off, let people down, changed in more ways than one, but I think that's just part of life and learning as you go.

I think this idea of invisible PR is really good, because you can align yourself to certain values or traits that you want to be recognized for and then double and triple down on those traits and then build an invisible PR brand around these that will be left wherever you go.

So I wont leave todays blog post too long, but I do challenge you to think what is your invisible PR saying about you?

Is the vibe you are leaving everywhere you go in line with who and what you believe in?

If not, then you need to change a few things!

As always thank you for reading!


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