It's been a while...

Welcome to Chapter 36 of Dan Bennett - The Diary of a Bored Kid!

Hello and welcome back!

It's been a while!

I'm going to be honest and say that I broke my number 1 rule that I'm always hampering on about which is, consistency is key.

I haven't written a blog in almost two months....

So let's rewind and go through the past two months... Let's just say the past 2 months have been an absolute whirlwind.

- The UK has come out of lockdown. (Thank god)

- I've had two vaccines!

- I've been to Spain.

- Our business The Accountability Academy has gone from strength to strength and released two new products and services.

- I've worked with over 30 new people.

- I picked up an old hobby of mine: football coaching.

- I recorded a podcast with NY Times Best-selling author Brian P Moran. (Soon to be uploaded)

- In two weeks, I'm back to Spain.

- I'll be reunited with my girlfriend who I have not seen in over 7 months.

- I have had a few crises of faith (as a new business owner)

- & to finish off, with coffee shops now open, I've now moved our home office to several coffee shops around our nearest town!

It's been a manic couple of months and as such, the blog slowly became less and less of a priority.

I always say that life is cyclical, just as the seasons come and go. The order of importance of your To-Do list will fluctuate as well.

There will be times where your health & fitness, will be the number one priority in your life, and then before you know it Christmas will come around, and then the priority of hitting the gym and eating healthy foods, will likely be replaced with drinking, seeing friends and family, and eating everything in plain sight.

After all, if you aren't getting fat around Christmas, then you probably aren't doing it right.

The same goes for your business and personal life.

Life is cyclical and as such things will always lose importance over time.

I set a goal at the start of the year of 52 new blog posts by the end of the year, I'm still a few behind my target, but I'm confident I can still hit that number.

Writing this now, I'm coming from one of my local little coffee shops (Cafe Nero) - don't shoot me, they've just got the best wifi!

As I mentioned before, a crisis of faith is usually quite common. I feel like it's quite common that often we all hit staggering points in our lives, where we question what we are doing all this for...

I had this same question pop up in my head this week; "What am I doing all this for?" - "What is my actual goal here?" I was questioning whether the business that I had originally created to help people take back control of their lives, was going in that same direction, that I had originally intended.

After some soul searching, and speaking to those around me, I cleared my head and back got into gear.

But that's common right?

I'm certain, that although people won't always admit it, we all have our own doubts and uncertainties.

Thats life.

I'm not a huge fan of the toxic culture we live in, where people masquerade their problems and insecurities and show off through their social media channels.

Writing this now, I have just come off a client call, where I was saying to our client that they needed a clear picture of what they wanted to achieve.

Obviously our job in our Academy is to help in anyway to facilitate their development, but when there is lack of clarity on the end goal, then there is often confusion about the specific processes and systems that will need to be implemented to help make the tangible progress to move towards our target.

I've been there. I'm confident, we have all been there. We all need time to slow down and actually get clear on the end goal.

So wherever you are in your life, whether you are a budding entrepreneur, whether you are starting your health & fitness journey, or whether you are a CEO of a massive corporation, I'd say it is very important that you are clear on what you are trying to achieve and where you want to go.

Clarity is key.

Clarity breeds confidence.

Clarity is what will enable you to get from A to B, without sinking your ship in the process.

I might add that clarity isn't always easy. Finding what you are trying to achieve, isn't always a linear process, but if you keep having a crack at the nut, and thinking about what and why you are trying to achieve what you are trying to achieve, then you'll get there eventually...

Clarity becomes clear when you slow down...

So I won't nag on today for too long! I find these blogs extremely helpful for me to brain dump my thoughts into a 3- 5 minute read, some of which I hope you will find interesting or useful, perhaps even thought provoking haha.

With this all being said, I'll be writing again this same time next week! I'm back in gear and I have broken the chain, which means consistency will follow!

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I'd potentially even go as far as saying "Internationally acclaimed."

(I have a few people from America on it) hahaha.

If you'd like to get involved you can find the link to all of our free resources here :)

As always guys! Thank you so much for reading!

- DB

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