Life Behind the Boredom.

Welcome to Chapter 1 of Dan Bennett - The Diary of a Bored Kid! 

First of all, if you have managed to get this far I want to thank you for joining me on this journey. Not going to lie to you, if you had told me 3 years ago I would be 25, have quit my job and have started a passion project of writing a Blog and recording a Podcast... I am not quite sure I would have believed you.


Alas, here we are... As this is the first post on my newly created website and blog page I would just like to level the expectations of what to expect. On this website/blog/podcast site (whatever you want to call it) everything you will read and watch are things that I have a deep interest in. I wanted to create a platform that if no one else in the world finds this interesting I could at least sip on my vino and be proud knowing that whatever this turns out to be is purely that of what interests me and I hope in turn will interest you too.  

Before we begin I would just like to do a Public Safety Announcement... despite the name, I would like to clarify I am NOT a boring person (or at least I don't think I am) and I really really hope that this is not going to be just another boring blog page about the same generic stuff that I read all over the internet. Instead, I would like this to be a platform that brings really interesting topics, funny stories, travel adventures, good banter and factual topics and discussions to the forefront. Think of me as like the millennial Joe Rogan but not a martial arts expert or science guru. Basically, I like to talk sh** and my hair is receding so bad that it can't be long before I look like Rogan! (Without the abs)

But no, in reality the reason behind the title is that as a once promising athlete and business student, I found myself in my early 20's in the 9-5 rat race increasingly becoming more and more bored of the life I had built for myself. A smart man, not sure which smart man, but a smart man once said, that you are currently the living breathing embodiment of your previous actions and habits. That meant that I could turn no where else but myself and question the life I had built. Another, extremely smart man (Cough cough) Tim Ferris said that "The Opposite to happiness is boredom." - Which resonated with me deeply. 

If I am to blame for where I am today, and I am more and more becoming bored of the monotonous grind I found myself on.. Then that meant something needed to change. Which brings us to where we are right now. 

Now without being a narcissist and a complete douche bag - Life from the outside was very good! Nice car, great job, travelled all over the world for work, nice apartment, fit girlfriend, great restaurants, cool night life... From the outside the life I was living, teenage me would have been extremely proud of myself. I would go as far as saying that even 19-20 year old me would have been proud of what I had managed to build for myself in a fairly short window. However, there was something missing. An intangible something that I couldn't put my finger on. A grumbling in my belly, and a voice in the back of my head that knew where I was, despite looking great, was not the end destination and therefore something needed to change. 

This leads us to where we are today. I have moved away from the toxic environment I found myself in that was the cause of my unhappiness, I have taken time away from the 9-5 life (The norm that so many come to know as their life.) Instead, utilizing the teachings / readings of many of my favorite books, and following my gut instinct of knowing there is something more out there I will be documenting my journey over the course of the next year. Besides from traveling to see distant friends who I have not seen in years I plan on going on a journey of self discovery of what I want to do and who I want to become. (Sounds super cringe and cheese) - I can already foresee the banter I am going to get in my group chat for posting this but Fu** it we'll give it a go and we'll have a laugh on the way! 

As of writing this, COVID-19 is in full swing and Global International travel is looking to be less and less likely.. Bit of a nightmare in all honesty, as the original plan was to pack my life up in Boston, MA and then make my way out West, where I would be ticking bucket list after bucket list off my To Do. The goal from there was to then see Hawaii, the Gold Coast, Fiji, Bali, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and then would make my way back home through Europe where I would eventually meet back up with all my family.

Let's just say, that Bat royally screwed that idea up. 

For now, I will be traveling Stateside catching up friends of all ages and demographics, and will be documenting everything via my socials and on this site where I will be aiming to do a weekly Blog and a podcast both solo and interviewing those who I think are cool. 

This should make for an all around great adventure and whether you end up joining me for just part of this journey or you stay with me the whole way.. I am really glad to have you here with me. 



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