Long distance in the 21st...

Welcome to Chapter 22 of Dan Bennett - The Diary of a Bored Kid!

Welcome back guys!

I hope everyone had a great past week!

I mentioned on my bi-weekly email this morning that I messed up! Now, I know what you're thinking, how?

I was meant to be doing a weekly blog each weekend talking through the unique chapters of my life, except yesterday for the first time all year I missed it...

I know what you’re thinking, Dan no one cares. But here’s the reality, when you say you’re going to do something, in this case writing a weekly blog post, you have to do it.

However, I do have one valid exception for missing yesterdays post... It was Valentines Day...

Caitlin and I spent the afternoon together via Zoom, eating pizza, watching movies, and just generally staying disconnected from the outside world and having some us time.

I am sure we are not the only ones who will put our hands up and say that oftentimes despite technology being a huge advantage for us keeping our long distance relationship together, it can also become the thing that stops us communicating as freely and distraction free as we probably would like.

For those that know me, I am a tech addict. If you see me you'll usually find me either on socials, emails, texts or reading articles in troves all over the internet.

Yes... As you can imagine I'm an absolute gem to date.

Now before I start, I'm no relationship expert, I have had my fair share of failed relationships, and I will put my hands up and say that learning from one relationship to the next is all part of this game called life.

What I have come to learn is that you can't do everything on your own. In my earlier years I was a stubborn fuc*er that would be naive enough to think that no matter what the challenge, be it business or travel, I could do it all on my own and I didn't need anyone alongside me.

I've come to realize that's far from the truth and that having people alongside you is not only important but I'd advise that it's probably fundamental for your own development and journey.

I think the old adage: "Faster alone, further together" is really relevant and Andy Frisella Entrepreneur and Founder of 75 Hard says this in regards to solopreneurship:

"The truth is that none of us can do it alone.


If you want to achieve your biggest goals...

Make a huge impact...

Or do anything great...

It's going to take the dedicated efforts of many.

Not just you.

The greatest accomplishments in human history were only possible because of the compounded labor and loyalty of people working together.

The more people you can bring together to row the boat in the same direction...

The faster you, and the people around you, will progress.

Understand this...

The more generous you are with your support of people’s endeavors…

The more it will be reciprocated to you…

Especially when you need it.

But without each other...

We are nothing."

So that's what I wanted to talk about today, going through life is hard enough as it is, but finding someone you can go through all the adversity and adventures with is extremely important. Although Caitlin and I are only a year and a half in, she is that for me. She's not only my travel buddy but she's my partner in crime when it comes to dealing with the stresses and uncertainty of the current world climate and building businesses from the ground up.

I don't always think life gives you what you want, but I do think that life presents you with what you need.

I'm a strong believer in that.

There have been plenty of times I thought what I wanted was also what I needed and often I've learned that's not the case.

Caitlin and I getting together was an example of that, at the time it was probably not what either of us thought we wanted, but after dating we realized it was what we both needed.

What I've come to learn is that it's important to park your ego to the side. It's important to stop telling yourself you have all the answers. I'm a culprit of thinking I always know what I am doing or should be doing, or that miraculously for me I have all the answers.

When in actual fact, it's quite the opposite.

Don't be stubborn to think that you can go through life alone, and don't think that you will have all the answers. It's okay to need help and it's okay to need a team of people to help get you where you need to be, and in return you help that same team get them where they need to go.

As always thank you for reading!


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