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Good evening guys!

Welcome back to the weekly blog!

It's been a busy week that started off with some refreshing news from Mr BOJO, the UK is very nearly out of the gloom of a national lockdown. I think I am speaking for everyone when I say this lockdown hasn't been easy, I can't imagine what it is like for everyone who has been in the U.K since last year and has gone through 3 full lockdowns now. It is insane, the mental toll this must have taken on the nation, I think the long term results could be crippling.

But the news that we are nearly out, and from late March onwards measures are going to be slowly reduced to bring us back to normality is very exciting!

So this weeks blog post will be fairly short and sweet.

I want to talk about non-negotiables and the power of ingraining non-negotiables into your daily habits that ensure you complete certain tasks.

For me, they have completely changed 2021 for the better.

It's funny, growing up I've had a pretty disciplined background with sport and business, however somewhere along the way I lost the non-negotiables that got me to the dance in the first place.

Losing these made me lose my way. They made me lose my sense of direction. They made me lose my sense of who I really am and who I want to be.

By ingraining these non-negotiables back into my daily habits this year my results have been insane, not even just from a physical perspective but with how mentally more sharp and great I feel.

See the thing is, just missing one workout doesn't just effect that one workout, or eating the extra plate of dinner, or not checking your emails, or not replying to your emails when you know should. None of these things in the instant, have that huge of a negative effect. But when you compound these over 2 years the effects are staggering. By letting yourself get away with not doing the stuff you know you should be doing, it signals to your brain that this is a normal behavior and then it becomes part of your personality.

James Clear; "It's okay to miss once, but don't miss twice. The second time is a choice."

The hard choices, and the non-negotiables that I have added back into my life this year have made everything feel easier and has been a breath of fresh air to get back to what I know I want and expect out of myself.

So to keep this post fairly short and sweet, I'll stop the Rambo motivational speech for this evening. I sound like an American drill sergent!

Check yourself on your Non-negotiables. Don't go easy on yourself like I have been doing. There's nothing honorable about that. There's nothing cool about letting yourself off the hook when you know you should be doing something.

Jay Alderton is a guy I follow on social media who I really respect and he also has a great quote...

"Hard choices, easy life, easy choices hard life."

Make the hard choices. The views on the other side are going to be great!

As always thank you for reading!


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