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Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Welcome to Chapter 10 of Dan Bennett - The Diary of a Bored Kid

Hi guys and welcome back to Chapter 10!

10 blog posts! That's absolutely mad! Really happy with this little passion project and how everything has been going recently.

For those that do not know, the Southern part of the tour de universe has finished and for now I decided to fly back up to Boston to get back into a routine. As habitual creatures, as much fun as it was couch surfing and seeing all my mates, after a while I was missing my bed and missing my daily routine. So I'm back to Boston, back to a healthy routine and back to training everyday!

It's exciting to see what is to come as I have a bunch of new studio gear here in the apartment and I have been working on my podcast which will be released soon. Much similar to this, it will be talking about key lessons that I think are so valuable but instead will be with people who have lived and reaped the rewards of these key philosophies that I believe in. Many of these guests will be those who I know who have been extremely successful in their own independent field, this could be sports, it could be business, it could be anything. If I feel like they are interesting and show high levels of skill and success in their field then they will be on the podcast.

Although growing up I never even played with editing software, microphones, camera's and never even had a Youtube channel - with how the world has gone these key ingredients have become paramount in the documentation process and as my good friend Gary Vee says "document, document, document." Which leads us to where we are today documenting my life and the principles that have led me to building this platform.

Although, I never dreamed of having a blog or a YouTube channel these will be platforms that I continue to document and put out content that I think is cool. With this being said, as much as I am getting into these new channels of media and learning new ways of documenting what I believe to be a really cool journey, I think there has a to be a balance and this is something that I am learning to work on. The balance between being present in the moment, and the balance between using your phone to document day to day activities.

Balance allows us to enjoy the actual moment, and then reminisce and document afterwards.

This brings us to todays topic and one that I think will resonate with so many in my audience:

"The power of Mindfulness."

As I arrived back to Boston on Friday night, many would assume I would take the weekend off and just chill, eat good food and start to get back into the norm. This was not the case, instead Caitlin, Sam and I went to our favorite restaurant Cafe Rossetti's and ate enough pasta to feed a small village and it was from there that I stayed at Sams, woke up bright and early and we attempted the 6 hour drive to Indian Head, Upstate NY - To attempt to me what was one of the most beautiful hikes I had ever done.

2 hours into our drive, we were in the boonies of New Hampshire and had started the ascent into the mountains when Sam and I lost all phone coverage, no service, no data, no radio, no nothing. Just the two of us in the car for 6 hours, which turned into one of the best car journeys we'd ever had.

How many of us today are so consumed in our daily lives, that we forget the power of a pure conversation, the power of a deep conversation with a loved one, relative, coworker, or close friend. In the 21st century, it is these simple joys that are so taken for granted and are not viewed as important things in our day to day lives.

The power of mindfulness, brings us to remember what is important in our day to day lives and that not being consumed in your social media feeds, in the news, in our text messages or DM's is really important to bring us back to earth and back to reality.

In the 6 hour journey to NY, Sam and I talked really deeply about everything - From our personal goals and values, we spoke about work and family, we spoke about our personal relationships and it was from here that we noticed that the lack of cell service had really created an awesome car journey. Which from the outset had seemed like a bit of a slog, 6 hours in the car sounds brutal but honestly it wasn't. The foliage on the tree's, the different weather we experienced driving up, all added to the experience, which if I (as the passenger) had been balls deep in my phone would probably never have noticed and enjoyed as much as I did.

Being mindful and in the moment is something that I really struggle with - I think I have self diagnosed ADHD, because I am always distracted by something. Whether it is conversations with friends, whether it is laying in bed with my girlfriend, I am always distracted by something whether it is emails, social media, the news, books, magazines, the rabbit hole that is Tik Tok - All of these oftentimes serve to be a huge distraction which can take away from the world around us.

The Power of Mindfulness, and the power of knowing when to be present in the room is a talent! It is a talent that will only need to get better as the outside world and the constant need for distraction from our world becomes more and more apparent as Social Media and smart phones continue to improve and become bigger parts of our life.

Last week I wrote a post about World Mental Health Day and how one of my ways of protecting my mental health was by turning my phone off at around 9pm, this I did when I was working in a high stress and fast paced environment. It allowed me the space to turn the world off and concentrate on the important moments around me when I was home at night. Today, I am going to go one step further than this and say should we start turning our phones off during more intimate and normal parts of the day? During the car journey to Upstate NY, there was no service, however that night when we got back to Town and went out for dinner and drinks we both agreed to Airplane mode our phones so that we could be more present and have a laugh rather than checking our texts every 10 minutes.

Although, it is your choice how you spend your time, I do urge you to really question how tuned in you are to the moments around you. When your GF, Boss, Mum, Dad, Friends and family are talking to you, are you actually tuned in or are you mindlessly scrolling, nodding along to their conversations.

Putting my hands up this is something I fail to do on the daily and am proactively trying to improve and be better at.

Don't miss the small intricate day to day moments around you. Don't miss the simple joys of a morning coffee and a talk to a loved one because you are scrolling through instagram.

These intricate moments are our life and laying on your death bed it will be these small simple moments that you will look back on with fond memories and miss dearly.

Remember, take your socials with a pinch of salt, they will still be there when you wake up, and they will still be there when you go to bed. Tune into the moments around you - tune into the people around you, and make sure to treasure the simple joys.

As always thanks for reading!


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