Staying Accountable

Welcome to Chapter 28 of Dan Bennett - The Diary of a Bored Kid!

Welcome back team!

It's been a pretty amazing week not going to lie. I've had about 15 up's and downs, but as of today we are back to base level.

Within 24 hours, we lost our Strength and Conditioning coach and I thought I was completely screwed. We had just taken on a few new clients, and is as with The Academy our Head S+C coaches do all of our programming for our clients.

I'm here to ensure our clients can work on their habits, their behaviors and then I can hold them accountable and ensure that they are getting all the support they need from us.

Within 24 hours of him leaving, I bumped into a mate who is currently doing his PHD in Sports Science and before I know it, he wanted to get involved and we were back up and running.

Let's f**cking gooooooo!!!!

It's funny how things happen!

24 hours after that, we took on a new client for The Accountability Academy.

It's been a mad week, and to be honest I'm actually loving it.

There is nothing comfortable about building a business. I had this romantic idea in my head, that I'd start the business, I'd have 30 clients within 2 weeks, and then I'd be casually doing Zoom calls on the beach in the Bahamas before the end of January.

Yeah... Not so much.

The progress we are making though is brilliant, the website is currently undergoing a revamp, we release one of our newest products this week that should be really exciting, and on top of that I'm the healthiest and fittest I have been in years.

I did a post on my instagram this morning, that life is never linear. Success is never linear. If you look closely you see lots and lot of tiny iterations, ups and downs, but as long as the overall trajectory is upwards, then that is all you can focus on.

So as of Monday at 10.50am, life is pretty great.

I'll check back in with you next week, I'm sure I'll have had 2-3 mini breakdowns by that point.

Have a great week guys!

As always thank you for reading!


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