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Welcome to Chapter 25 of Dan Bennett - The Diary of a Bored Kid!

Hello guys! Welcome back to the weekly addition to the Diary of a Bored kid.

This week I have learned more than I have, in as long as I can remember.

By this point you probably know I am a fan of James Clear, NY Times Best-Selling Author. A few weeks back he released this quote:

"If you never copy best practices, you’ll have to repeat all the mistakes yourself.

If you only copy best practices, you’ll always be one step behind the leaders."

The quote got me thinking that I had been going in circles. Now, I find life to be a constant state of revolutions, but the circles I was going in weren't getting me anywhere closer to where I needed to be.

So I decided to heed James' advice and learn from those who have been there and done it. I decided to copy the best practices from someone who is currently where I want to be.

I've now recruited the help of a business mentor to help get me on a better path to scale and grow The Accountability Academy. The mentor in question is a serial entrepreneur and has grown big online businesses and developed a unique personal brand through social media.

I decided that instead of me teaching myself everything off Youtube, that it would probably be more efficient and time effective to bring on someone who actually knows how to build and scale a business from the ground floor.

Little mundane tasks like how to automate some online processes had taken me ages to figure out myself. It is refreshing to now have a team and a community at my disposal to ask questions and sound board ideas off.

In a world where it is now cool to be an "entrepreneur" - I am not afraid to put my hands up and say it is simply a terrifying rollercoaster. There are many nights when my brain is racing as I don't always have the answer to what I need.

It is ironic, as this time last year I was balls deep in my corporate job and with just my accounts alone, I believe I was pushing for close to a $10million target. I probably would have stated back then that I was stressed.

However, this is now a different type of stress.

Where as before I stressed by the environment I was in and not getting the results that the businesses and my bosses expected.

The stress I now feel is different.

It's more unique, this is the stress of swimming in deep water, and you can see the life guard coming but then they lose you as a big wave crashes down.

You then emerge again and get closer to the life guard, before another wave takes you back under.

This is my first few months experiencing the entrepreneurial market during a global pandemic. Massive rushes of sheer dopamine, followed by massive waves of fear and the unknown.

Fortunately for me I have a few very close friends who are entrepreneurial and they have all agreed that this seems to be the norm. What a strange world that despite us all having completely different business models, customers and separate markets, we all feel the same sheer terror and excitement.

I didn't think I would ever be quoting a fictional character from a sitcom but as Ted Lasso puts it:

"takin' on a challenge is a lot like ridin' a horse. If you're comfortable while you're doin' it, you're probably doin' it wrong."

The best part is, I wouldn't change it for the world.

I quite like having my back against the wall, I quite like the thought of this little idea I had blossoming to help as many people as possible. I like the idea that one day, this could actually be something that supports a huge community of people. Helping them develop in their personal life, and take back control of their health, fitness and mindset.

The kind of community that I needed myself, not too long ago.

Not only has this been a game changer, but my eyes have been opened to the level at which this business can go, and even IF this business doesn't go where I want it to, the amount I have learned will only ever give me a helping hand for the future.

There is that old picture that I am sure many people will have seen of the two contrasting images of the men digging for gold and diamonds. On the one hand the man has given up, he has quit and laid down his pick axe. On the contrasting image, the man has diamond and gold in his hands as he had carried on digging only for a few more moments.

The moral of the story is to know when to stop digging and to know when to keep on going. Building a business from the ground up, is stressful. There are no two ways about it. From clarifying your direct target market avatar, to understanding your own unique marketing strategies that are going to bring them to you. This is stressful, and something that no business book or University Entrepreneurial textbook ever really digresses or explains.

But it is fun, and a hell of a story to tell some day!

So to wrap up my usual blog post for the week - What I learned this week, as the title suggests is; strategy, strategy, strategy.

Strategy will get you into the party and it will take you all the way up behind the DJ booth. Strategy could also see you get thrown out the bar. It all depends on how well planned your strategy actually is.

Developing a bullet proof strategy to acquire customers, and provide an incredible customer experience is what our strategy this week has been all about.

Only time will tell if we get up next to the DJ or whether or not we are stopped at the door by the bouncer.

As always thank you for reading. Here's to another week riding the rollercoaster!


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