Sun's out, spandex out...

Welcome to Chapter 30 of Dan Bennett - The Diary of a Bored Kid!

Welcome back guys!

Life is slowly getting back to normal.

April 12th, life opened back up. Bars, pubs, restaurants, gyms, all are now open in the U.K (Outside dining only.) We even had a bunch of sunshine where I live which was a pleasant surprise for a change.

I have to admit it's been a weird few months, I was joking with one of my friends earlier, that I feel my creativity has been seriously dampened over the past few months with what new and fun things to talk about in these blog posts.

I mean as much as I love being home, there is only so many times you can recycle the same weekly story: Wake up, work out, eat, work on the business, help clients, walk, eat, read, watch tv, go to bed.

Thats been life for 4 months so there isn't much else I can tell you besides from that haha. I know what you're thinking "Dan, most of the U.K have lived like that for well over a year."

I get it, I do know that I'm very lucky because I've only experienced 1 real lockdown since being in the U.K, but I'm just giving my view point that it's hard to write about new and exciting things, when you are at home all the time, working on the same business, with the same problems and the same stimuli each week.

I think I'm speaking for many people when I say, I am glad to slowly be coming out of the other side.

I came across a couple of quotes this week that have really resonated with me that I have found really refreshing.

You may like them too, so here they are:

"A simple rule for life and work:
Don’t rush, but don’t wait.
Thoughtful action."
- James Clear

In a world, where you are programmed to want instantaneous results, with immediate gratification, James Clear's words here resonate with me massively.

All you can control is what you can control, as long as you are taking control of these variables then that is all you can do.

For those that know me, they probably know how impatient I am. I want the next thing, before I even have the first thing, I want 10 houses before I have my first house, I want 1000 customers before I have 100.

All in all, this can often result in a pretty miserable state of always wanting more. Which I have learned is no way to live.

This is something I am ALWAYS trying to work on. I tell myself it comes from being ambitious, but the reality is, it comes from probably being impatient and wanting more out of something quicker.

Having high aspirations is a two sided coin that is often not talked about. Yes on the one hand, it's great to be pushing and wanting to better yourself. But what happens on the other side of that same coin, when you feel you should be further along in your journey, therefore becoming frustrated? You end up creating your own stress filled echo chamber.

You end up turning something that you enjoy and are passionate about, into a race to the next step, before you've even had time to enjoy the step you're at.

I hate the thought of comparing myself to others, because that's not it. I am sure many other start up owners or ambitious professionals may experience the same?

If so, I'd love you to reach out so we can all talk about it. We'll create a support group for us all hahaha.

The next quote that I stumbled across was:

"A year ago, you wanted what you currently have."

I am in a constant state of reminding myself that last year, I didn't have anything that I am slowly building, so why am I already wanting more?

I have to tell myself, :"Dan, what a shitty way to be wishing away your life."

Covid definitely hasn't helped, I think for over a year now, people have been on complete hiatus and I think people are passed being told "We are nearly out on the other side." - I think by this point, that will be landing on death ears.

So, this weeks blog isn't huge. It's a simple reminder to all who need to hear it, that by rushing your process, you are creating your own stress and anxiety.

I'm not telling you to slow down, but I am telling you (as I need to remind myself all the time) enjoy the ride.

No point driving down the Pacific Coast Highway, if you all you do is check how much gas you have left.

Look out the window and ensure you are enjoying what you are doing and where you are going.

As I am finding out, if you aren't, then why are you even doing it?

In a world where it is easy to compare yourself to everything and everyone. Track down the key tasks and movers that you can work on that are going to get you closer to where you want to be. Work on these things religiously. Before you know it, you'll be a lot closer to your desired destination.

As always thank you for reading! I appreciate the kind words and feedback I get from these blogs.

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