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Welcome to Chapter 37 of Dan Bennett - The Diary of a Bored Kid!

Good afternoon team!

Welcome back to another weekly installment of the blog!

How's everyone doing?

This week has been manic to be honest. It started with my car blowing up and getting stranded on an A road near Kettering, it then took me 5 hours to drive down to Bournemouth where I was coaching all week, from there it took me 6 and half hours on Friday afternoon to drive back.

Then I was up to Hull for a family gathering, before heading to Leeds to listen to James Smith speak at his Live event in Leeds.

I didn't get home until 1am, and didn't get to sleep until gone 2.30am, so it's safe to say today I am absolutely shattered!

So today is a doing day.

I do these things that I call Dan days. Where I just isolate myself and try and get a handle on my life.

Because I've been away all week, it means that I feel like my life is in a shambles so I need to get everything in order.

Typically, this means doing laundry, emails, blog, instagram and social media management, I'll run an email campaign later and I'll check in with all of our clients.

So... Thats what this blog is about today...

Sunday routines or just routines in general.

It is no surprise to me, that 90% of our clients that come to us have pretty inconsistent routines.

With their exercise and training routines, they are all over the place. Some days will be great. Others, not so great.

In their personal lives, their habits some weeks will be good. Other times, all over the place.

And finally, in their professional lives, mostly it is a general trend they will have moronic sleeping patterns that are largely affected by their work and professional lives. This, in turn massively effects all the other aspects of their life, from relationships, to their health & fitness, to their productivity in their businesses.

So, that is what I want to talk about today.

At the core of every successful person, is a very solid foundation and routine that is solidified by really great habits.

These great habits, compound over time and that is when we see athletes who are at the top of their game, businessmen or women who are absolutely smashing it, that guy or girl in the gym who has lost a load of fat and looks amazing.

The foundation is habits, routine and consistency.

The hardest part thing we have to overcome in our Academy, is building the correct habits for the goals we want to achieve.

It is our first port of call with everyone we work with. We ask what they want to achieve, we dive into their lifestyle, and then we create a needs analysis to understand the fundamentals that we need to get covered.

Once we've done that, it's as simple being consistent for a sustained period of time and bingo, the results speak for themselves.

So, I won't go on and on today because it's a Sunday and you most likely have better things to do that listen to me bang on about routines.

But what I will say, is this, once you get your routines and habits in place, do that for long enough, you will be massively surprised how much can and will change with your life.

Now, if you have no idea where to start and need a little helping hand, that's where we can come in. We're happy to jump on a free call to help anyway that we can!

"All big things come from small beginnings. The seed of every habit is a single, tiny decision." - James Clear

As always guys, thank you for reading!

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See you soon!


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