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Welcome to Chapter 39 of Dan Bennett - The Diary of a Bored Kid!


So I'll be honest, my consistency with this blog has been near enough abysmal.

For a fitness coach, motivator and the "Accountability" guy who lives off the back of 'consistency' it is fair to say that my attempts to stay on top of the weekly blog has not been good enough.

My only defense is that it's very hard when your business has multiple moving parts and you don't see a direct ROI on sitting down to write for over an hour, it is sometimes very easy to not focus on doing something, because you don't see an immediate return.

This past year I have transitioned to releasing daily marketing emails which touch on similar topics as these blog posts do, so a lot of my attention has turned to those.

With this being said, for those who follow me on social media may have noticed that I have just returned from a long stay in Mexico.

I had a few moments where I was sitting in our cheap Air BNB that we had rented and I was sitting there thinking to myself, I should be doing more...

I had left my 9-5 to build a business that I was massively passionate about. When we look at this from a black and white standpoint, I completed my goal.

I own and operate a business I love....

But, there's another side of the coin that we have to look at... Have you hit your potential?

This is something that I have been going over and over in my head time and time again...

Potential is a weird thing.

It fluctuates.

How do we know if we have hit our potential?

Potential fluctuates as our time invested into something increases.

Arsenal FC have just signed an American goalkeeper Matt Turner. He will be amongst a handful of American players who have managed to make it at the top level in the English game. It is no easy feat, and something that millions upon millions of people will one day try and achieve and will not succeed in...

I'd know because I've been there and didn't make it...

"Dan why you talking about soccer?"

Because potential has a weird way of compounding, and evolving as time goes on....

Matt Turner didn't make his high school soccer team.

He didn't want to go to College to play soccer. (the common route for many US soccer players)

He eventually walked onto a lower standard D1 school.

His only ambition of hitting his potential was; maybe one day he'd get a few minutes for his university team, get a good degree, play sports through University, get a good job, ride off into the sunset.

Are you starting to see how potential has a weird way of changing, compounding and manifesting the more we invest into something?

Matt Turner is the embodiment of turning up, with no particular ROI in mind, he is the embodiment of how your potential can compound and change massively the further along we go with something...

So... You may be sitting here at the moment, thinking I need to lose a little weight, I need to get fitter, I need to get back into the swing of things, I need to sort my sh*t out, you may have tried on some of your favorite outfits and they may not fit how they used too...

You might be sitting there saying to yourself that; "Meh what's the point?"

I'll tell you what the point is...

Because you don't know how good you can be yet...

You don't know where that first 1lb, 5lbs, 10lbs will lead you...

Maybe you won't play in the premier league, but maybe you'll be the inspiration to your family, for what they could possibly achieve?

Maybe you'll inspire your next generation, your kids, your friends, your partner, your work colleagues, your family, your Mum, your Dad.

Inadvertently, without doing much you have motivated and inspired those around you.

Who knows the impact that has?

It all starts with the decision to choose to be consistent with small tasks that have no immediate ROI.

It sounds crazy. But it is something that has rattled my brain for weeks now.

So I'll leave you with that today... Stay consistent to the things with no immediate guarantee, because they tend to be the biggest influencers of what our potential can be one day!

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As always thanks for reading guys!


P.S - If any of this resonates with you and you feel like you need a helping hand with your health and fitness, staying consistent and hitting your goals I would love if you would consider us to be your personal training team!

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