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Welcome to Chapter 21 of Dan Bennett - The Diary of a Bored Kid!

Good evening guys!

Happy Sunday, I hope everyone has had a great week!

It's Super Bowl Sunday and I for one am already tucked up in bed writing my weekly blog, planning my week ahead and getting ready to get some kip... I know what you're thinking, "okay grandpa..."

I'm not going to lie to you, for 7 years I watched the Super Bowl in the States and as much as I really wanted to enjoy it, I just could never get into it. It's too slow, too much hype, too many American guys wearing a XXL jersey over a baggy hoody... It was all just too much.

I used to just get quite drunk and choose to eat all the dips, chips and pizza and pass out by half time in a drunken food coma. I'd typically miss the best bit, which is the half time show. Speaking of which, are they even having a half time show this year? Who knows?

Anyways, moving on and keeping up the weekly habit of writing my weekly blog - I wanted to talk today about comfort zones and how this week, I've been really pushing the boat out and have been attempting to film a series of different content videos for both the Accountability Academy Facebook page, LinkedIn and also for the Accountability Instagram page.

Now, I've come to accept that self doubt is just part of the parcel of entrepreneurship and attempting to go out and do something on your own. But what I find really frustrating is that no one ever tells you that you have to become your own full on media team whenever you are building something from scratch.

Social media paints the picture that it is very easy to build these beautifully crafted and edited videos and pictures, but so far my experience has been few and far between. I have my editing sizes all wrong, some videos fit in the square format on instagram, others fit on the IGTV format, some are YouTube shaped, but squeezed into the square format, others have a border and others don't. It's just a mess!

Don't even get me started about thumbnails - I currently have 3 completely black thumbnails for instagram... Now I know what you're thinking, no big deal.. But it is a big deal when you are an OCD anxiety driven perfectionist. The case is made worse when you only have 6 pieces of content that are published, so the attention is drawn even more to the absolute shambolic editing of these videos and pictures.

I've lost my head with the filming and camera angles multiple times this week, so in times of struggle I try to remind myself of one of my favorite authors quotes:

"Your 1st blog post will be bad, but your 1000th will be great. Your 1st workout will be weak, but your 1000th will be strong. Your 1st meditation will be scattered, but your 1000th will be focused. Put in your reps."

- James Clear

So... Here's to hoping after attempt 1000 I may be able to get the picture straight and learn how to do a smooth transition from one scene to another. (Fingers crossed)

It's funny whenever you start something because as with most businesses these days the main vessel for communication is via social media, so nearly all of my content has been published through these channels. Because of this people have now started to ask me "Oh, so you're trying to be an influencer." or I'll get instead "Oh, you're trying to be an online life coach."

For the record both of these titles make me want to carve my eyes out with a rusty spoon.

I'm definitely not trying to be an influencer and I'm definitely not trying to be a Life Coach.

The way I'm choosing to describe it is, I'm just a lad who's been fortunate enough to learn a lot of things fairly early on in life and I want to try and spread the message I have to help people.

Realistically, the goal is to leave the real coaching to the real professionals. The Academy will eventually have PT's, Therapists and experienced business coaches that will be able to really help our members.

But for the meantime, here I am. Not an influencer. Not a life coach. Just a lad with a lot of waffle, here to help people have a better tomorrow than they had yesterday.

But first I need to learn how to film and edit!

So anyways guys to wrap up the weekly blog, I can't believe we're already going into the second week of February. We are nearly a month and a half into 2021. Unfortunately, the Gregorian calendar doesn't actually care that its a new year and that many people are yet to start work on their personal or professional goals that they promised themselves they would.

Unfortunately, you can't create new results whilst sticking to the same old behaviors.

And you can't create new behaviors with your old beliefs. (Thank you Paul Mort for that one!)

So to end with a cheeky little plug if you are in need of some 1:1 help, an accountability buddy to make sure you do the things you said you would, then you know where you can find me!

As always guys thank you for reading!


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