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Welcome to Chapter 19 of Dan Bennett - The Diary of a Bored Kid!

Hello team, welcome back to the weekly blog post!

It's been a busy week to be fair. Last night I pulled an all-nighter for UFC 257, so to say that I am a little tired today is a complete understatement.

So if my writing is a little all over the place, at least I have a valid excuse!

Not going to lie, I was pretty disappointed in Mcgregors' performance. To come in saying he was the sharpest he's ever been and in the best shape of his career, to then get knocked out in the 2nd round, I was gutted! I'm a big Mcgregor fan, to pull yourself up from nothing in Ireland to arguably be one of the biggest sports stars on the planet, it takes some doing. So I'm a huge fan, but to see him get knocked out.

It felt like a similar reaction to how I felt when Mufasa died in Lion King.

Anyways, to crack on with this weeks blog post. I had mentioned in one of my previous blogs that before I moved home I was really worried about being away from the life I had built in the States.

Coffee shops, my gf, jiu jitsu, boxing, restaurants, etc etc.

The things that I relied on to make me tick I wouldn't be doing for a while so to be completely honesty, I was worried!

However, after being home for over a month I have realized something quite profound that I didn't think would happen.

What I have come to find, relates to something called "Regression to the mean." - Essentially, after a while when you start doing something new, whatever that may be.. new job, new car, new home, despite it feeling strange or exciting during the outset, after a while that variable just becomes the norm.

So right now, after a month of being home I am completely back to my norm. I have a new schedule, I have new people I am in constant contact with and I am working on a bunch of new and exciting projects.

The things that I thought were going to be really tough going without, after a while it just becomes the norm.

Now, obviously I still miss my girlfriend and I cant wait to see her in the next month or 2, but many of the other variables have been replaced by other activities that now feel like the norm, so whereas before I was stressed about what I was leaving for a short while, most of the time you realize what you are worrying about doesn't really exist, and it is internally fabricated.

This leads me onto todays topic of discussion, the power of your network.

When I was in America, trying to start my own business, grow my network and grow my understanding of an online business, I realized that it was very much an uphill battle. Despite being in America the land of opportunity, many of my friends weren't doing the same things as me, many of whom were working in corporate environments so when I needed a team, or advice on the things I was working on, I really didn't have that much to lean on other than good old Youtube and the close people around me.

What I never really realized until I moved back home was how entrepreneurial many of my friends and family are back in the UK.

Just in the month I have been back, there has been so much that has been able to happen purely because of the team of people I have around me here. Looking at it retrospectively, this is all whilst being in a total government lockdown, so my opportunity to meet people has been severely limited but because of the network I have here in the UK, so much has still been able to happen!

This past week I have incorporated two new businesses, whilst working on a third with a close friend, I have viewed potential investment properties, exercised a lot and worked a lot on myself and the businesses I am working on.

The biggest thing I have learned whilst starting this whole thing, bearing in mind it is all still a million miles from where I'd like it to be is that it's so easy to get into a perfectionist loop which causes you to never actually start.

James Clear, Author of NY Times Best Selling Book Atomic Habits "We often avoid taking action because we think "I need to learn more," but the best way to learn is often by taking action."

Often, you try and perfect your own process or system and try and learn as much as possible, and I worry that it can sometimes get in your own way because it can trick your mind into never thinking you're actually ready.

"An ounce of action is worth, a tonne of knowledge." - James Clear again coming out with the bangers.

I look back on myself 2 years ago and it's refreshing to see how much of a better place I'm in mentally and physically, and this has been built through positive daily habits and through pushing myself to find something that I find really rewarding on a day to day basis and actually taking small actionable steps in the right direction.

All you have to do is just have one good day. Then repeat. And build from there.

Me and my mates have a running joke that I'm always asking questions and will ask anyone, any question. I'm one of those people who looks around and if I'm deeply curious about something, I'll ask a question about it. Now granted, some of my questions are shocking, and listening back to them I do wonder what was I thinking. To be honest, that's probably why I built a podcast to ask questions to cool people, who have done things that I'd love to do. The same goes for building a business, I'm really curious about so many elements of building a business and how certain things work, that when I do crack something and work something out, the level of fulfillment I get from that is unmatched, and I challenge you guys to find something similar in your own lives.

As you can tell by now, I'm a bit of a James Clear fan, so to wrap this weeks blog post up I will leave you with one of his nuggets.

"There are nearly endless opportunities to improve each day and finding them largely boils down to being curious.

People who are better in the end are usually curious in the beginning."

We're coming to the end of the first month of 2021. Living in the UK, February promises to offer much of the same. All you can do is work on you, your habits and building and getting one step closer to who you want to be.

Looking around, I've been super lucky to find something I'm currently loving doing and a passion that I can build on. I'm also super fortunate that now that I am back in the UK, I have a team of people around me who I can lean on when I get down one street, and realize I've hit a dead end.

But what would I do if I didn't have that?

I'd have to actively go out looking for it.

If January wasn't your month, I know a place that will give you the kick up your ass so that February is.

I built my online Accountability Academy when I realized so many people aren't where they want to be in life and I'm here to help you change that!

If you are interested in learning more, feel free to check out the website and see if it may be for you.

As always guys thank you for reading! For those who are subscribed to my weekly emails, I will see you tomorrow morning for some Monday Morning Down to business to get the week started off the right way!

Thanks guys!

As always thank you for reading!


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