The Power of Pain.

Welcome to Chapter 11 of Dan Bennett - The Diary of a Bored Kid! 

Hello and welcome back to The Diary of a Bored Kid - Training is going well, dropping the negative weight from my 6 week travel, sun, booze and burger binge! It is good to finally be back into a healthy routine. Honestly, a comfortable bed and regular home cooked meals are so underrated when you are used to them on a daily basis! It is only when you are away for a while that you truly miss the simple things!

If you haven't already seen I have released the first 2 episodes of my Podcast to Youtube / Apple Podcasts - super excited about this - I am more excited than anything to just be in a routine with it all - The audio and visual quality will need to be improved as the journey goes on but for now I am very happy with where I am at with everything. If you want to watch / listen you can find them here at

More important than anything, I am happy with this blog and getting out a weekly article talking through some really important concepts that I think will resonate with my audience!

So before I start -I have a confession to make - I f***** up.

I have been telling myself for a while now that I need to organize my bags and my bed side table. I am a creature of habits and will feel like a complete wreck head if certain aspects of my life are not stable. For example, every morning before I leave my bedroom. My bed has to be made. Everyday, I have to get multiple workouts in - if I don't, I feel like I am losing track of my habits and then I feel subconsciously like my life is spiraling it out of control - sounds silly - but these little things keep me in check and ensure I am on the right path.

However, I did f*** up!

Although, I have been very attentive to certain aspects of my life, working out, the tidy-clean made bed, working on my podcasts, blogs, the website and my new academy. I have been completely neglecting the organized part of my life, and if you were to see my bed-side table and my side of the bedroom - it has been slowly spiraling out of control. Receipts, clean t-shirts, clean laundry, jackets, bags, masks, socks, shoes, wires, toiletries, little notes of paper. These things have completely taken over my side of the room and the Mrs has been on at me now for about 2 weeks now that we need to get it all organized.

This leads us onto todays topic - "The Power of Pain."

Have you ever neglected going to the dentist, or not doing your morning stretches or maybe even not taking your daily vitamins? Have you ever neglected these activities, and then been completely taken for surprise when all of a sudden you have a tooth ache, you pull a muscle, or you start getting a little sick?

It's funny that only when something is too late, is when we decide to take action on these things. It is only when we have a tooth ache that we are like "Oh sh**, I need to schedule a dentist appointment." It is only when we pull a hamstring or pull a muscle in your back, that we start to actively involve stretching into our daily workouts, and finally it is only when we start to get signs of a cold coming on, do we realize that we need to start taking the right vitamins and maybe eating a little healthier.

Today, this is exactly what happened to me - I could not find my apartment key fob anywhere - I had assumed it was on my bedside table, I had assumed it was in my wallet, I assumed it was in my bag, in the pocket of my dirty laundry. But no - it was nowhere to be found. Nowhere. The problem I had been avoiding for so long, didn't bite me in the ass until it was too late. Until the mess on my side of the bedroom was so bad that I lost my key fob, that I assumed to be in the middle of that same mess.

Guess what happened next?

I tidied that room and it was spotless - shoes lined up, glasses of water taken downstairs, notes thrown away, receipts trashed, wires tidied, clothes folded and or put in the laundry basket, bedside table - absolutely spotless. Despite me attentively / actively fixing the problem... it was too late.

Oftentimes the problem isn't the problem until it is too late. Me neglecting something for so long, eventually became the problem with me losing my key and having to pay for a new one... $100 later.... Happy Thursday Morning!

So keeping this short and sweet I will finalize by saying this.. stay accountable to your habits, stay accountable to doing what you need to do, the problem often isn't a problem until it is, don't neglect doing the things you need to do until it is too late and don't be the dick that loses his key on a Thursday morning because his bedroom was a mess!

Otherwise you get stuck with the $100 key replacement bill.

Happy Thursday folks!

As always thanks for listening!


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