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Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Welcome to Chapter 35 of Dan Bennett - The Diary of a Bored Kid!

Hey guys welcome back!

It has been a hectic week.

- We have a new product launch being released.

- I Interviewed a NY Times Best Selling Author.

- I have 2 new podcasts to release.

- We had a big house party to celebrate some amazing people.

- I stayed up until 3am last night singing Greatest Showman hits.

& to start the week off, I am (fingers crossed) going to Spain on Wednesday to go and see some family over there for a few weeks.

Today I wanted to write about the journey from this time last year to where I am today, and I want to talk about the universe sending you signals.

This is going to sound cheesy, corny, cringe, whatever you want to call it, but I am a big believer that throughout your life, the Universe will send you signals.

Call me cheese I don't care, maybe I have been reading too much of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. But to continue, I am a big believer that the universe will send you signals, and it is your job to seek meaning in those signals and to take action on those signals.

Speaking first hand, if you had said to me this time last year, Dan, next year you will be back living in the U.K, you will have built your own business with a growing client list, you will have interviewed a NY times best-seller, and you will be in a position where you can travel and work remotely.

I would not have believed you...

But in hindsight, looking back over the course of the past year, there were a number of signals that have led me here.

From speaking to friends, to reading certain books at certain times, listening to certain podcasts, call this fate, call this coincidence, call it whatever you want to call it, I believe those were signals, and it is up to you to take whatever cause of action you deem fit...

Building this blog was based off the back of a book I read, I wanted to document everything, the highs and the lows. There have been a bunch of lows over the last few months, the self-doubt, the uncertainty, the frustration when things don't go as smoothly as you would like.

The late nights, the early mornings. The learning curve, from starting up the Academy, to learning how to build a website, learning how to track customer experience via a Facebook pixel, learning about social media and how the algorithm works, learning the value ladder for how you can create a customer experience so you can offer them as much value as possible.

These are things that I had no idea about, less than a year ago.

I still have only scratched the surface.

There are so many things that I have been learning, that I would never have had the opportunity to learn otherwise. Even my knowledge of personal training & fitness, has been catapulted since partnering with our Health & Fitness expert Rob, whilst he is moving ahead with his Doctorate in Strength & Conditioning.

I was listening to a brilliant podcast with James Clear the other day, and he was discussing some of his values, one of which is to always be learning.

If you retrospectively take a step back from what you are doing, and compare what you do on a day to day basis, to the values you have, as long as the two are align, no one can ever question if you are successful or not.

What is success? One thought, is that it is the constant action of living by your values.

If your values are to always be learning, and if you are in a position with your work and your relationships that you are always learning, then in my mind you are successful.

I think often success is always determined on a monetary level, but within the past year I have been trying to look deeper than that. If the level of success of someone is always determined on a monetary level, then how many people who do amazing things would we deem unsuccessful?

I have come to the realization that to build anything, you need partnerships. Strategic partnerships allow a few things, they allow you to develop and offer a better customer experience, but they also allow you to scale and reach more people.

A year ago, I was extremely stubborn to think that I could do everything on my own, the reality is, that is not the case.

Without the people I have partnered with over the course of the past 5 months, nothing I have been able to do would be a reality.

It is ironic because I speak like I am already miles down into the business, and have experienced massive success. But in reality, we are a million miles from where we would like to be. But even in the short term, the relatively small marginal success that we have experienced over the course of the past 5 months has come from the partnerships we have been able to create.

Speaking first hand, I am probably the most impatient person you will ever meet. But I have come to the realization that if you are able to partner patience with enjoying your day to day process, then that is a cheat code to waking up one day exactly where you want to be in your life.

Partnering consistent actions, with patience and enjoying what you are doing. Sounds like a win:win to me...

So today I don't want to go on for too long, I just want to challenge your thinking. The small coincidences that have been creeping up for you, are they a coincidence? Or are they a signal to be adjusting and changing what you are doing?

A lot of what has led me to writing this blog today, to hopefully growing The Academy one day to accommodate 1000's of people, and to help as many people as we possibly can in their day to day lives, a lot of that vision has come from the signals that I have come across.

It was my decision to interpret those signals, that has led me here.

Call them coincidences. Call them fate. Call them absolute Bull Sh*t for all I care, all I would advise is for you to take note of the little things around you because what I have learned is that if you take action on a small % of them, they can add up to some pretty big amazing changes down the line!

As always, thank you so much for reading! Time to go sweat out last night's Rose'!

See you next week!

- DB

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