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Welcome to Chapter 38 of Dan Bennett - The Diary of a Bored Kid!

Hello guys welcome back!

So, for those who have been keeping track and following from the start, this blog was the first signs for what later became The Academy. What was originally intended as a travel / lifestyle / personal development blog, took a mind of its own as Government restrictions and global pandemics stopped everyones ability to freely travel.

With this being said, we are finally in a position where travel is remotely normal again.

I'm very fortunate to be spending the next two months in Spain, working remotely and seeing friends and family.

So over the next few weeks you'll be getting lots of little updates of what life is like working completely remote, traveling and working on projects that are complete passion projects.

For those who are new here, I'm Dan, I'm the founder of The Accountability Academy, we are a complete lifestyle Academy, helping people smash their goals, whether fitness related, or whether their goals are more aligned to personal or professional growth.

We've built a really cool business model, and the contrast of customers that we work with makes it a really exciting prospect to be able to work with people from all over the world!

With this all being said, this blog will dive into the lessons I am learning along the way. From self doubt, stress, anxiety, to eating sandwiches and drinking coffee stress free in a small Spanish village, you'll be getting the behind the scenes access here pretty much!

So.... Let's jump in...

What I want to talk about today that we're seeing a lot of is; Procrastination.

I don't think procrastination is something that discriminates, I think procrastination effects everyone.

We all do it.

I don't think you can hide from it.

However, with that being said, I think we all express procrastination a little differently. For some, procrastination is putting off a task over and over again, for others, procrastination is the constant need for perfection, that stops them from ever releasing their work, or starting a business, or starting a new journey.

What I have come to realize is that as humans we have this innate ability to want to to be perfect. We constantly feel like we need to be the finished article, when in reality this is just a story that we tell ourselves all the time, that prevents us from ever actually moving forward.

For example; it is very common that people say they won't start their own business "until they are ready."

They won't start their health & fitness journey "until next Monday."

They won't release any of their work to the public because "they need to keep perfecting."

The constant need for perfection in itself is a hamster wheel, that will stop you from ever actually making progress because, for you to move forward you need external feedback.

External feedback comes from others seeing your work.

Seeing you do the workouts.

Seeing the new book you're writing.

Seeing the new business venture you are going into.

Feedback is positive, and you can only get feedback when you accept that perfection doesn't exist and by constantly seeking perfection, you run the risk of procrastinating time and time again, never moving closer to where you want to go, instead moving in circles.

Another massive aspect of procrastination, I believe comes from our inability to say no to people. Speaking first hand, I know I am a total people pleaser, often to my own detriment.

In my attempts to try and people please everyone, I'll often say yes to everything on my calendar, knowing full well that takes time away from tasks that I actually need to crack on with.

James Clear in his weekly newsletter, eludes to this, by saying that the greatest productivity hack we can do, is say no.

There is no code, faster than "no code."

There is nothing that creates more productivity and less procrastination than saying no to the people and things that zap our time.

If you are on a health & fitness kick, is going out with all your friends drinking every night a form of procrastination for your health & fitness goals?

Is scrolling social media all day a form of procrastination from you working on the tasks that you need to work on.

Is constantly searching for the perfect job, a form of procrastination from actually leaving the job you currently hate?

Procrastination affects us all and comes in many different forms!

When your actions don't align with what you say you want, it's easy to beat yourself up. But the reality is, we all go through this and we all have to work through it!

So, with that being said, if any of that resonated with you have a think about what you have been working on recently and if it could have been more effective. If it could have, what are the things you could say no to, that would eliminate the time vampires from your life.

Streamline your lifestyle in a while, that will allow you to hit your goals more efficiently.

I'm going to say that 90% of us could definitely be more effective! (Myself included) From what I am learning this is a battle that we will face anew every day!

Good luck!

As always guys thanks for reading!

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Cheers guys!

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