What do you want?

Welcome to Chapter 32 of Dan Bennett - The Diary of a Bored Kid!

Hello guys!

Welcome back!

I'm going to be honest, I messed up...

For the first time this year, I am a week late with the weekly blog, and subsequently am going to be late with the next one.

Not ideal to be honest...

Coming from someone who has built a business off the back of helping people stay accountable and helping them hit their personal goals, me missing one of my non-negotiables probably isn't a good look...

What can I say? I'm human!

Do I have any excuses?

Yeah, I have been running at a million mph with clients, workouts, training, and everything else that is going on in my life.

I've realized that the blog has lost a little bit of direction over the course of lockdown, what was originally intended to be a travel and lifestyle blog, ultimately had to change direction, because, well... There was no travel and there was no lifestyle. For 5 months, I didn't leave my house in the U.K. So I had to switch the attention to personal development, and some of our core beliefs inside The Academy and growing and working on the business.

With life very slowly getting back to normal, I want to tell you some of the plans for the rest of the year...

(PSA - Man made plans and God Laughed.... So all of these are taken with a pinch of salt.)

The podcast will soon be back up and running, I can now meet with all of the guests, so these will soon be back up and running...

Travel... The goal this year was to travel the world, that might have to take a small hiatus because of the travel restrictions in so many countries, and I want to do it properly. I need to let my inner hippie NOMAD get the experience he has been craving since the age of 15, so when the world is back up and running that's when that plan will take effect.

I hope to get back out to America soon enough, but with border closures, visa questions, it is all up in the air the exact date I will be back with my friends and girlfriend Stateside. Only time will tell on that one!

Anyways, enough about me, in todays blog, I wanted to talk about something that has been cropping up a lot with our clients. The question being;

Are you extremely clear with what you want?

When I say this I mean; Personally, Professionally and with your Health & Fitness goals...

All of our clients who work with us inside our Academy get asked this question for clarity, perspective, and communication so we can all be on the same page with "What they actually want?"

We're big believers that we need to know where we want to go, so we can reverse engineer the steps to actually get there.

It is not until you know exactly what you want, can you then decide to take the decisive action in getting what you want.

For some this is a long and arduous process, that results in many iterations, trying new things, and experimenting with new jobs, projects and people to get you closer to where you want to be. For others, they have known their whole life exactly what they want and simply fall into it.

The key is understanding that there is no, one-size fits all approach. For every person who falls into their dream career, I am sure there are 10 more that have no idea what or who they want to be, and have to go through the process of trying as many different things as possible to find their fit.

I was recording a podcast with one of my mentors this week, and he himself said, the key is to realize that if you don't know what you want to do, then you need to be confident in trying as many different things as possible, until you find your thing.

In a world with infinite choices, it can be hard to know exactly what is going to, in lack of a better term "set your soul on fire." So you need to be sure that if you don't know, you at least need to be willing to not settle for the first thing that comes your way.

In a world where you can anything, at least don't be boring.

The same can be said for our Health & Fitness clients, we have so many conversations with clients, and they don't truly understand what they want to achieve. For some it's as simple as losing weight, for others, they want to run marathons, train CrossFit, build for Hypertrophy, or to become better at a sport.

I'm not telling you that you can't achieve these things, I change my mind frequently about the type of training I want to do, and what goal I want to shoot for. But what I am saying is, having a clear plan in place for what you want to accomplish, goes hand in hand with your training stimulus so we can build towards that. Once we've hit each thing on the list, then we can move onto the next.

So to wrap up last weeks blog post, that's actually this week, but should have been last week... If you are unsure with what you want, this is the first decision we need to work on. It is not the 1000th mile that is the hardest, it is actually the first. Once we have set the direction for the first step, it is then building towards the next, and the next, and so on.

In a world where the Paradox of choice can paralyze many, don't let it limit your own potential, don't be trapped by the first thing that comes your way.

It's a seduction, that catches many, and that few escape...

As always my guys, thank you for reading!

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